Captain Brok Sieghard

Captain of The Black Wolf

Race Gender Size Age Height Weight Complexion Eye Color Hair Color Hair Style Facial Hair
Human Male Medium 27 years old 7 feet 6 inches 230 pounds Tan Green Brown Long, loose Scruff


Health Hit Dice Base Attack Bonus Armor Class Without Shield Armor Class With Shield Initiative Speed Class Alignment Religion
54 3 3 21 23 6 30 Artificer Chaotic neutral -


Language Most Common Speakers of Language
Abyssal Demons and other chaotic evil outsiders
Aklo Derros,inhuman,or otherworldy monsters,evil fey
Common Humans
Draconic Dragons, reptilian humanoids
Dwarven Dwarves
Elven Elves, half-elves
Giant Cyclopses, etttins, giants, ogres, trolls
Gnome Gnomes
Goblin Bugbears’ goblins, hobgoblins
Halfling Halflings
Orc Orcs, half-orcs
Sylvan Centaurs, fey creatures, plant creatures, unicorns
Undercommon Drow, duergar, morlocs, svirfnblin


Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 20 5
Dexterity 22 6
Constitution 22 6
Intelligence 28 9
Wisdom 24 7
Charisma 24 7

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Save|.Total|.Base Save|.Modifier|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|Disable Device|12|6|3|3|
|Escape Artist|12|6|3|3|
|Use Magical Device|13|7|3|3|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Weapon|.Quantity|.Quality|.Material|.Size|.Weight|_.Type|.Range|.To Hit|.Damage|.Critical Threat|.Critical Multiplier|.Special|
|Dagger|1|Normal|Steel|Light|1 pound|Slashing or Piercing|10|8|1d4+5|19-20|x2|-|
|Scimitar|1|Normal|Steel|One-Handed|4 pounds|Slashing|-|8|1d6+5|18-20|x2|
|Falchion|1|Normal|Steel|Two Handed|8 pounds|Slashing|-|8|2d4+7|18-20|x2|-|
|Double-Barrel Pistol|1|Normal|Steel|One-Handed|8 pounds|Bludgeoning and Piercing|40|9|2d4|20|x3|-|
|Double-Barrel Musket|1|Normal|Steel|Two-Handed|12 pounds|Bludgeoning and Piercing|100|9|2d6|20|x3|-|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Type|.Quantity|.Quality|.Material|.Size|.Weight|.Armor Bonus|.Maximum Dexterity Bonus|.Armor Check Penalty|.Arcane Spell Failure Chance|
|Breastplate|1|Masterwork| Mithril|Medium|15 pounds|6|5|0|15%|
|Heavy shield|1|Masterwork|Mithril|Medium|7.5 pounds|2|-|0|5%|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|Elbow grease|+2 to all craft checks|
|Jack of all trades|Can use any skill untrained|
|Item creation|Can create magical items|
|Scribe scroll|Can create magical scrolls|
|Brew potion|Can create magical potions|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|Skill focus(craft)|+3 to all craft checks|
|Extraordinary artisan|Reduce cost of crafting by 25%|
|Extraordinary artisan|Reduce cost of crafting by 25%|
|Exceptional artisan|Reduce time for crafting by 25%|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Name|.Function|.Quantity|. Weight|
|Quickshot Ammo|Load guns as a free action|100| .5 pounds each|

table{border:1px solid black}.

Carrying Capacity
table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Light Load|.Medium Load|.Heavy Load|.Lift Over Head|.Lift Off Ground|.Push or Drag|

Weird Sciences (3/day safely)
table{border:1px solid black}.
|Goggles of accuracy|Truestrike|+20 to next attack roll|
|Pocket watch|Hypnotism|Fascinate 2d4 hit dice of creatures|
|Boots of wood|Tree shape|Look like tree for 1 hour/level|


Captain Brok Sieghard

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