Hey everyone! As most of you already know this is my first time DMing a campaign and for anyone who is thrown out of the loops somehow about my concept, this whole campaign is a steampunk themed one. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, think of the movie “Wild Wild West” or “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (omg Stuart Townsend drool, but I digress), and there you go. What’s different about this campaign compared to the ones we’ve done in the past is that you will start off as humans, BUT if you want to do magic, be a different race, or have some kind of magical thing, I cannot stress this enough so I’m going to be obnoxious as I can, IT WILL NOT BE USEABLE OR EXISTANT UNTIL A CERTAIN POINT IN THE GAME!!! This means, if you want to play a magic class of any kind or have some healing stone or what have you, you will have to start as a normal class and play it out until that part and then you can have it. Anyone who bitches about this rule will be met with a swift kick to the balls or vag (yes, it still hurts, but probably not as bad). If you do want the magic character or be a different race still, here are some options:

  • Make 2 different character sheets for magic classes and/or race that you want and then have it approved by either myself or Caleb
  • For eco-friendly people, write in pencil and just erase it :)
  • Play as a wealthy person, and go into alchemy

The last one brings me to another point, you can start out in the wealthy class, medium class, or broke class for your backstory. There are some limitations to this though, for example, wealthy class is the only class that will allow you to be in the zeppelin and alchemy field. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do whatever you want with your character (within reason). You can still make a broke class character be in the zeppelin field, but you’ll have to do alot more work. In addition, skill focus will apply to all instead of just one thing.

Finally, we will be running Ebberon and it will be a high-powered campaign so it’s basically the same thing we’ve been doing. I would like to run this at my house, unless anyone has any objections. It’s pretty close to Caleb’s house and all, if not most of you, should know where I live by now. In some weird case you don’t, just send me a text or a message on facebook. I also have a pool, xbox live, and wi-fi at my house so feel free to bring whatever you want. On a final note, Caleb will be my co-DM for this campaign since I’ve never done it before so you can ask either one of us if you have any ideas for your character, granted, him and I are still working out the schematics and one might have more answers than the other, still feel free.

Campaign Song: My Curse-Killswitch Engage

Side Note(From Caleb): I can create classes and stuff guys, so if you want me to do somethin like that for you just ask me . . . I’ve already made a 20 level Eldrich Knight

World of Acirema