The Black Wolf

Captain Brok Sieghard's Ship



Structure Armor Class Hardness Air Speed Per Round Air Speed Per Day Land Speed Per Round Land Speed Per Day Water Speed Per Round Water Speed Per Day
277 12 20 - - - - 30 feet 82 miles


Weapon Quantity Quality Material Size Type Range To Hit Damage Critical Threat Critical Multiplier Special
Regular Canons 41 Masterwork Adamantine Medium Bludgeoning and Piercing 200 [] 4d8 20 x3 -
Heavy Cannons 28 Masterwork Adamantine Large Bludgeoning and Piercing 250 [] 6d8 20 x3 -
Mega Cannon 1 Masterwork Adamantine Colossal Bludgeoning and Piercing 2000 [] 40d12 20 x3 -
Ram 1 Materwork Adamantine Colossal Bludgeoning - [] 32d10+1d6 per 10 feet of movement 20 x3 -


Name Effect
High crow’s nest Fog does not affect the visibility of the black wolf
Castled Crew inside castle gain +4 to armor class and +2 to reflex saves


The Black Wolf

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