Laucian Naïlo (Nightbreeze)

An Elven ranger who works for Captain Brok Sieghard.

Race Gender Size Age Height Weight Complexion Eye Color Hair Color Hair Style Facial Hair
Elf Male Medium 110 5’7" 109 Tanned Ice Blue Dark Brown Crewcut Short Beard

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Health|.Hit Dice|.Base Attack Bonus|.Armor Class|_.Initiative|.Speed|.Class|.Alignment|.Guild|
|35|1|3|21|9|30|Ranger|Chaotic Neutral|S.T.A.L.K.E.R.|

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|.Language|.Most Common Speakers of Language|
|Elven|Elves, Half-elves|
|Giant|Cylopes, Ettins, Giant, Ogres, Trolls|
|Goblin|Bugbears, Goblins, Hobgoblins|
|Orc|Orcs, Half-Orcs|
|Sylvan|Centaurs, Fey Creatures, Plant Creatures, Unicorns|
|Undercommon|Drow, Duergar, Morlocks, Svirfneblin|

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|.Attribute|_.Score|. Modifier|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Save|.Total|.Base Save|.Modifier|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|Handle Animal|8|5|3|
|Knowledge (Dungeoneering)|8|8|
|Knowledge (Geography)|12|8|4|
|Knowledge (Nature)|12|8|4|
|Profession: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.|5|5|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Weapon|.Quantity|.Quality|.Material|.Size|.Weight|_.Type|.Range|.To Hit|.Damage|.Critical|.Special|.Ammunition|
|Ryyk Blade|2|Normal|Steel|1 Hand|1 pound|Slashing/Piercing|Melee/10|8|1d4|19-20×2|
|Six-shot Revolver|2|Masterwork|Mithral|1 Hand|4 pounds|Piercing/Bludgeoning|60|13|3d8|20×3|-|93|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Type|.Quantity|.Quality|.Material|.Size|.Weight|.Armor Bonus|.Maximum Dexterity Bonus|.Armor Check Penalty|.Arcane Spell Failure Chance|
|Medium Breastplate|1|Masterwork|Mithral|Medium|15 pounds|6|5|0|15%|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|Favored Enemy: Construct|2 bonus to Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival; +2 bonus weapon attack/damage roll; May make untrained Knowledge checks to identify.|
|Track|Add 1/2 level (minimum 1) to tracking checks|
|Wild Empathy|Can improve initial attitude of an animal. Acts as Diplomacy check, roll 1d20
Ranger level+CHA bonus. Must be w/in 30 feet & have LOS. Vs. magical beast with INT 1 or 2, -4 penalty.|
|Favored Terrain: Underground|2 bonus on initiative and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival when in this terrain. Leave no trail, unless I choose to.|
|Low-light Vision|2x LOS dim light.|
|Elven Immunity|Immune to magical sleep, +2 vs. enchantments spells/effects|
|Elven Magic|
2 caster checks vs. spell resistance, 2 Spellcraft to ID magical properties|
|Keen Senses|
2 Perception|
|Weapon Familiarity|Proficient: Longbows, Shortbows, Longswords, Rapiers. Treat any weapon with “Elven” in name as Martial Weapon|
|Armor Bonuses|NVG: Darkvision 60; Gasmask: +4 vs. airborne poisons; Respirator: Water breathing; Headlamp: Lightcone 60|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|Ambidexterity|Two-weapon Penalty Reduced by 2|
|Two Weapon Fighting|Two-weapon Penalty is 0|
|Endurance|+4: Swim to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion; Constitution to continue running, avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march, hold your breath, avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst; Fortitude to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments, resist damage from suffocation.|
|Quick Draw|Weapons are drawn as a free action instead of move action|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Name|.Function|.Quantity|. Weight|
|Bullets|Ammunition|93|.5 lb/ea|

table{border:1px solid black}.

Carrying Capacity
table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Light Load|.Medium Load|.Heavy Load|.Lift Over Head|.Lift Off Ground|.Push or Drag|
|<= 173 lbs.|174-346 lbs.|347-520 lbs.|Max 520 lbs.|Max 1040 lbs.|Max 2600 lbs.|

table{border:1px solid black}.
|.Spell|.Level|_.Range|.Effect or Damage|.Area of Effect|


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s — Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers, Robbers.

His daggers:
Lower goes in right hand.

His guns

Armor looks like this

Laucian Naïlo (Nightbreeze)

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